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Meet some of the Role Players




Milan Sanders - Executive Director and Lead Pastor


Kim Sanders - CL Development & CL Kids Teacher


BenQ - Creativity


Salvador Gomez, Carmen Gomez "The Deacons"


Sernerick Greer - Media and Sound Guru


ChrysQ -  - CL Kids Teacher


Bonnie Hampton - ASP(Adopt a School Program) Lead



This is just a list of a few who are responsible for the work we do. 


We are actively engaging our members, partners and volunteers to become a part of sustainable solutions.  While we are in the developmental stages we are consistently seeking additional opportunities to partner with individuals and organizations whose values, principles, standard and specific goals integrate well with ours. Organizations that are willing to work together to improve the world around us.


Again, that partnership and support can be diverse, ranging from prayer, and a helping hand for various events, a specific expertise, to land, building space, physical to financial.

Please use the contact us if you need more information about the above areas, or are willing to volunteer or partner with us.


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