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Life's Musical Chairs

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What would you do, if someone came after your most prized possession?

Remeber the child hood game, musical chairs. Well my daughter Suree, who just turned 8, recently played that game at her birthday party. Her crew of friends and classmates circled chairs stalking their next seat, competing for space! As the game progressed and the number of chairs dwindled . . .my wife and I were amazed at how these sweet, princessly 8 year olds turned into Rhonda Rousey . . .ferocious female competitors!

We understand the pursuit of winning, wanting that prized seat, that special place. As we compete, we begin to feel as if we deserve to win...we deserve that seat!

But no one understands that more than God. Who as the One True God, and Creator, deserves the top seat on the throne of our hearts! Although with us having a free wil,l there is the appearance of deities & ideologies circling our heart, competitng for that special seat as well.

Those WE put into competition with Him are not wonderful other true roads leading to eternal life . . . on the contrary they are seductive yet unfulfilling, costly yet worthless, comforting yet dangerous IDOLS.

A brief definition of an IDOL is (websters) That on which the affections are strongly (often excessively) set; an object of passionate devotion; a person or thing greatly loved or adored. Also it can be a representation or symbol of a deity or any other being or thing, made or used as an object of worship; a similitude of a false god.

In Scripture we are given the idea of God being a jealous God. But not the same huan emotion as we, fallen and sinful beings at times possess. It is only when something that RIGHTFULLY belongs to HIM, is given to another . . .like Exodus20:4-5, our worship.

So our surrender, trust, and commitment to Him will stand in direct conflict and even warfare with our current/previous IDOLS - Those golden calfs...or those things we worship and derive our value and identity from apart from Him.

Since He alone is God ... He has no rivals, only cheap imitations. This idea of Jealous being his name in Exodus . . .Speaks to it being apart of His character to demand 1st.

As follows . . .The Messiah Yeshua is not simply another Idol to be added to the shelf or altar of our heart, But as a person within the Triune Godhead . . .GOD-CREATOR, SUSTAINER AND SAVIOR and therefore LORD.

When He comes for your idols . . .how will you respond . . .who will you let have the Seat of your Heart?

Modern Chair

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