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Your Blowing My High!

Street Teens

Have you ever stopped eating something that wasn't good for you, but that you loved, And after a long time went back to taste it, and it just wasn't the same anymore?

Contrast that answer with the fact that when you were accustomed to it, it was the best thing ever.

Ever went back to a place or situation you thought in your mind was just the best ever, but went back only to be disappointed and let down because it just wasn't the same? Even though the only thing that had changed was you!

Being Caused to think soberly and realistically . . . at times even when we don't want to, having the high of our sin blown is grace in action.

The idea of us not being able to enjoy sin like we use to is a blessing. A part of and evidence of the work of the Holy Spirit. It is up to us, to then begin to work with God, in the process of being changed, transformed.

A tender and sensitive heart is a gift from God:

  • One that is not only tender to Him, compassionate for others

  • But also easily convicted of sin and missing God's mark.

This is the process that starts the work of being drawn as we come closer to God, it is inevitable that we become more aware of our need to be covered, have a mediator.

But then after we are saved and brought into the family, The mind of Christ begins to grow in us, and the new creature can't enjoy fully the old life.

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