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The Work



A major passion of ours is to develop and influence People and Places that elevate this as a priority....People and Places  that bring to life, encourage and cultivate the development of Gods purpose in those within our reach.
 People and Places that provide information and inspiration that lead to sustainable transformation.  Impacting the whole individual through a unique mix of ministries, programs and outreach.
CLM seeks to impact our world on every level . . . to improve spiritual, moral, and physical excellence by promoting higher standards in every arena of life.
CL Authentic:
We get together every Sunday and Thursday to Pursue truth through God's Word.  Within a consistent community engaged in conversation, creative expression/art/music, messages, studies, q&a etc.
Sunday 10AM
Thursdays 7PM (conference call only)
Exploring, Developing and Sharing creativity that reflects the highest value of God:
Visual Arts
Spoken Word / Poetry / Literature
Street Seasoning:
Aiming to season the streets with the salt of the Earth, bringing the Best News Ever to a tasteless and watered down culture.  Challenging those we cross paths with in the street to convert their experiment of just existing, iinviting them to a life lived on purpose.
Thirty One Ten
Building, encouraging and stregnthing women from the inside out. Proverbs 31:10
Grown Man
Developing the type of men God had in mind from the beginning.
Chosen Glorosity
Chosen Life has been priveleged to consist of people who, individually, genuinely enjoy giving...time, talents and resources. That generosity spreads beyond CL and into the community and our spheres of influence. This is our organized effort to continue to recognize and keep that going.


Chosen Glorisity is a collaborative effort to maximize our individual acts of Generosity through teaming up our resources each month to support a specific cause a Chosen Life family has already invested or desired to in the past. 
Emphasizing the role the older generation has been called to play in our world.  Creating opportunities to serve them in their later years (nursing homes etc.)
Building generational bridges that result in long-term mentorship.
Interested in Working with us:
Partnership Opportunities
While we are in the developmental stages of building and developing some of these programs, org. and facilities to stand independently, we are partnering with other organizations that are having similar impact and reach.
Our contributions to them consist of financial and physical support. We are consistently seeking additional opportunities to partner with individuals and organizations whose values, principles, standard and specific goals integrate well with ours. Organizations that are willing to work together to improve the service we can provide, in the above areas. Again, that partnership and support can be diverse, ranging from land, building space, physical to financial. Please use the contact us if you need more information about the above areas, or are willing to volunteer or partner with us.



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