Chosen Life

Exists to help uncover God's 

Intention for Everyone we

Meet and make that a







We want to...

Pursue Truth  & Love 

We see God as the beginning and end of all truth & love, and therefore our pursuit is of Him.  

Pursuing spiritually, artistically, intellectually, socially, and culturally relevant ways within the context of that revelation. With His scripture as our standard for defining and discerning both in our world. 

Live Truth & Love 

We want God’s truth and love to impact our hearts first, and to bleed into our lives.  So that we are not calling others into a process that we have not begun ourselves.  Anti-Hypocrite core value!

Promote Truth & Love 

As we discover more of God, His Truth & Love, we want to promote those discoveries in all we do.  Promote them in such a way that our lives are platforms for It.

Teach Truth & Love 

We desire to value God, His truth and love so that we will teach others to live lives in a proper response to Him.  Teaching in actions and words.



















A major passion of ours is to develop and influence People and Places that elevate this as a priority....People and Places  that bring to life, encourage and cultivate the development of Gods purpose in those within our reach.


 People and Places that provide information and inspiration that lead to sustainable transformation.  Impacting the whole individual through a unique mix of ministries, programs and outreach.


CLM seeks to impact our world on every level . . . to improve spiritual, moral, and physical excellence by promoting higher standards in every arena of life.


For more detail on what those environments look like and our vision, please see Connect or see us GO.

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